About Me

Hi, I’m Joe. My photography origin began many years ago thanks to a very important friend of mine. We did multiple wedding photoshoots together where he taught me the basics of this beautiful art. I have nurtured it since. 

Time is fleeting and in this busy world, it’s easy for the special moments to pass us by before we've realised it. That is why I've chosen to walk the path where I capture as many of those moments as I can, for myself and others. This way, they become eternal memories frozen in time for yourself, your loved ones and the future generations. 

Family, friendships and gratitude towards the beautiful world around me are three things that I greatly value. That is why, although I’ve tailored my craft to specialise my photography towards events, I also enjoy street photography and nature photography.


“I used Joe as a photographer for a few events I organised. Loved that he was able to capture the right moments, emotions and details. The pictures he took are beautiful memories we get to keep.”

—Joliette J-P

“Joe did a amazing job for our Gala. He made all our guests feel welcome and included. He was very down to earth and easy to work with. He took amazing photos that came out looking natural and polished. The guests enjoyed his work and were very pleased with how their pictures turned out! I highly recommend Joe if you want a professional and easy going photographer…”

—Sarah K.

“Joe is a dynamic photographer that is present at the right time and moment to capture the highlights of a party. Also, the quality of his portraits are rarely seen in the industry.”

—Gabriel R.

“We hired Joe for an industry event, and we were not disappointed. He arrived early, was focused, organized and ready to work. From candid shots of our guests to detailed product shots, Joe elevated our inspiration photos to a level we didn’t realize was possible. Our event was ever so perfectly captured from all angles. 100/10”

—Ariana B.

“We've used JCapturedMoments on multiple occasions and was always satisfied with the quality of pictures. One thing we appreciate is the fact that he had a few suggestions for poses and locations. The photographer was professional and easy going. I will always recommend JCapturedMoments to friends and family.”

—Don & Darnely

“Joe is one of the best photographers I have ever dealt with, this gentleman has never disappointed. From our trip to Punta Cana to celebrating my wedding anniversary last December, he made sure he captured the best moments, delivered the best shots possible. But his best quality remains his professionalism.”

—Elice M.